The Four Elements of Home Decoration

Aug 24, 2018

Household decoration such as Cast Iron Corner Hook and more decorations generally requires four elements:

[1] spatial elements

On bedroom adornment, for example hook which is bought from Cast Corner Hook Provider dimensional use wants reasonable. Namely the reasonable distribution of the bedroom space and the extension of the bedroom space supplement. The distribution of interior space is divided into rest area, activity area and living area.

[2] color elements

Design interior color, include the choice of wall ground color, furniture color, fabric color and so on. Indoor colour produces effect to the vision besides, still affect the mood of the person directly and psychology.

[3] light elements

The use of light effect in interior space is one of the features of modern interior design. Sunlight is an important factor in nature.

[4] decorative elementsCast Iron Water Pipe Organizer

Bedroom is decorated basically point to indoor metope, ground, ceiling material is qualitative, design and color, design, grain reachs practice. The adornment inside the bedroom had better have certain air permeability. Floor or ceiling adornment besides beautiful outside still have the effect such as partition, moistureproof, the need that the choice of material should use function according to, and the integral harmony of interior decoration.

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