A Few Simple Ways to Improve Your Happiness

Oct 10, 2017

For a long time living in the low levels of space, it really makes people feel oppressed. It is impossible to change your living space so often because of the actual conditions. Will you let your happiness be limited by the space of life?

If you are worrying about that, try this. It will make your living environment more spacious and comfortable feeling.

1. Floor-length Curtain

Even if your window is only half the size of the wall, and can also use the floor-length curtain. This will make our vision bigger than the actual. It can be installed on windows above the top of the extension effect, making a greater sense of space.

2. Color only half of the wall

The lower part of the wall painted darker colors, the upper part of the wall remained the same color with ceiling, to extend the same sense of illusion.

3. Apply oblique paint on the wall

Oblique lines look longer than straight lines, and can also be stretched in proportion to visual illusions.

Metal Crafts Decoration

4. Use interior decorations skillfully

Like garden decoration crafts, home decoration crafts, they can relax and light the busy life, and let money accompany you in a different way, so as to enhance your happiness.

5. Use ceiling light

Hanging lamp is very beautiful, but will make the ceiling feeling less, so the use of ceiling lamp will not have the compression space feeling.

6. Choose a brilliant color carpet

A brilliant carpet can keep our visual focus on the ground to distract attention from the ceiling height.

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