China Cast Iron Umbrella Stands Supplier

Nov 07, 2017

Umbrellas would be used all year round, especially in UK or some rainy countries. Will you have a umbrella stand at home? A good and beautiful umbrella stand would add beauty and art to your house. Today we will introduce some of our popular umbrella stands here.

Umbrella Stand AI13291

Dimension(cm): 54x20.2x20.2


Description:Cast iron umbrella shaped umbrella stand.

Umbrella Stand AI06497

Dimension(cm): 29.3x29.3x71.8


Description:Cast iron octagon shaped umbrella stand.

More types of umbrella stands are also available. Such as Three Mermaid Umbrella Stand,Octagon Shape Umbrella Stand, Cast Iron Umbrella Stand, Lotus Leaf and Bird Umbrella Stand, Sun and Flower Shape Umbrella Stand, Umbrella Shape Umbrella Stand, Europe Type Umbrella Stand...

We can make the umbrella stands according to your needs.Any questions about umbrella stands pls visit us.

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