Do You Enjoy Umbrella Stand?

Feb 27, 2018

Umbrella stand a lot of types, can be divided into the following categories.

First, with a lock umbrella stand

Locked umbrella stand can lock the umbrella handle to prevent the lost umbrella stand

Second, without locking umbrella stand (self-supporting umbrella stand)

Umbrella directly into the umbrella stand, to ensure that rain is not dripping everywhere

Third, the umbrella bucket

A round bucket, designed for placing umbrellas

Fourth, umbrella bag machine

Umbrella bag machine, each umbrella can be put on a bag to prevent the rain wet the ground and clothing

China Umbrella Stand Supplier

Some people also put their own decorative umbrella stand, or placed in the church, the station gate and other public places. Cast iron umbrella stand more and more people are welcome, especially in Europe and the United States welcomed. Haoyu is China Umbrella Stand Supplier, can provide a wide range of umbrella stand. Our umbrella stand include Sun and Flower Shape Umbrella Stand, Lotus Leaf and Bird Umbrella Stand, different shapes to meet different preferences, and meet the decoration requirements of different occasions. More styles or custom umbrella stand welcome to contact us.

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