The Characteristics Of Copper Handicrafts Ornaments

Jun 07, 2018

Chinese copper handicrafts are widely distributed and of high quality. China’s copper arts and crafts are more concentrated in the Central Plains, but its spread far exceeds that of the Central Plains. Copper artifacts are found in the Northeast, Northwest, Bayu, Lingnan, Tibet and the East China Sea. These copper handicrafts are lively and exquisite, with different styles of work and their respective artistic styles.

China's copper handicrafts are large in quantity and variety. Due to the large quantity, the types of Chinese copper handicrafts are also extremely rich. Not only are wine utensils, water appliances, food utensils, weapons, ritual utensils, but also utensils such as carts, agricultural implements, tools, copper garden decorations crafts and various types of living utensils. The large number and variety of Chinese copper handicrafts have undoubtedly increased the difficulty of certification. This is one of the characteristics of Chinese copper handicrafts.

Copper Garden Decorations Crafts

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