Tips for Home Functional Decorations Crafts

Feb 13, 2018

1.Understand the classification of home functional decorations crafts . In general it can be divided into two categories, one for decoration, no practical, very beautiful. And some art is still very high value, such as the exquisite ancient porcelain, calligraphy and painting works, carving and so on. The second category is decorative, and also practicality, like wine, tea kind, vase or art lamps and so on.

2.Avoid confusion. Crafts furnishings can not be confusing, it should be clear primary and secondary. Furnishings to be high in the interior, low on the outside. You can use a mirror or color block as a background. But the background can not use fancy decoration, otherwise it will be overwhelming. The second is to display the selection of products to be displayed, but also with the size and proportion of furniture.

3.Different rooms furnish different. In particular, the choice of wall decoration handicrafts, the living room and study room should choose a steady, elegant with a cultural atmosphere of handicrafts. It can also be combined with personal occupation and hobbies to display, show engaged in art painting, you can display his paintings in the study. However, the bedroom is warm and comfortable place, so you can decorate some decorative painting, cloth and other handicrafts.

wall decoration handicrafts

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