Which Metal Craft Is Good?

Sep 21, 2017

The so-called metal crafts decoration is made of metal materials, including ornamental handicrafts, functional handicrafts. There are many types of metal, metal crafts also have a lot, we can introduce the different materials of metal crafts.

Gold handicrafts

Gold is a recognized precious metal, with a certain currency function. Gold symbolizes wealth, extravagance and gorgeousness. Gold material is relatively soft, the most common gold handicrafts are jewelry, ornaments, pendant and so on.

Silver handicrafts

Silver crafts in addition to beautiful appreciation, there are some special effects. Legend of silver can test the poison, but also has the effect of evil spirits, many people will give children to bring silver jewelry.

Copper handicrafts

Copper crafts has a long history in China, the famous Qin Shi Huang mausoleum unearthed a lot of copper handicrafts, decorative effect is still very good, can be decorated in the home or garden.

Iron handicrafts

Steel toughness is relatively large, can be repeated forging, making a variety of crafts can have a great play space. 

Crafts itself is an art culture, the metal crafts has a lot of connotation, including modeling, production methods, technology and so on. 

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