Classification of Metal Decorations

Mar 30, 2018

Metal Decorations is widely used in people’s home, kitchen and garden. In this news, we will share the classification of metal decorations.

1) High-grade pure gold sterling silver decorations, including velvet sand gold products produced by resurfacing technology.

There are also metal medallions, metal commemorative coins, metal commemorative plates, etc. that are made by hydraulic stamping techniques.

Home Metal Decoration

2) Some of the zinc-copper alloys are made of zinc-copper alloys with a mid-end metal ornament. These metal decorations, like pure gold sterling silver ornaments, can be divided into three-dimensional metal ornaments and medallions, commemorative plates, and so on.

Some of the medals and commemorative plates were made using hydraulic, stamping techniques.

3) Some low-end products are made of aluminum alloys.

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