How Can Home Decoration Handicrafts Be Put?

Apr 02, 2018

Home decoration handicrafts are popular nowadays. They add more happiness and beauty for our home. Do you know how can the home decoration handicrafts put?

Home Cast Iron Handicrafts

Home decoration handicrafts color: The color is the basis. There are two commonly used methods, one with a harmonious color and the other with a contrasting color.

Home decoration handicrafts collocation: The shape of home decoration handicrafts is the basis for determining the shape of the jewelry. The conventional formula is a square formula, round and round, but if you use the contrast method is more unique, such as round formula, horizontal vertical, complex shape and simple shape.

Light combination: the position of the light is to determine the brightness of the home decoration handicrafts basis, we usually place a good place in the light, the color can be placed some dark, light dark place, put bright color decorations. Normally, home cast iron handicrafts are dark.

Space combinations: The function of placing space is the basis for determining the type of home decorations. What kind of home decorations should be put in this space must consider the function of this space. Flowers can be placed on the table, placed in fruit, and placed on the table.

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