Corrosion Resistant Aluminium Handicrafts

May 14, 2018

Aluminium handicrafts are welcomed by most of people because of its light weight and corrosion resistance. So there are many aluminum handicrafts manufacturers appear. The chemical properties of aluminum are very lively. Why are aluminum products generally resistant to corrosion? Why should I not use steel brushes, sand, etc. to scrub aluminum products?

Aluminium Handicrafts

The specific answer to this question is:

Because there is a dense aluminum oxide film on the surface of the aluminum product, aluminum does not react with the air, that is, it does not passivate the aluminum and can protect it. Therefore, it has corrosion resistance. The use of steel brushes, sand, etc. to scrub aluminum products will destroy the oxide film on the surface of the aluminum product, thereby rendering its surface unprotected.

The surface treatment of aluminum products before oxidation is also very important, so here's a brief explanation.

In general, in order to make the surface of aluminum products bright and smooth, it is mechanically polished after molding, and then oxidized, but its gloss is still worse. Therefore, if the requirements are relatively high, chemical polishing or electrolytic polishing is also required in order to obtain a glossy surface with a high reflection coefficient so as to achieve a satisfactory result, so that the aluminum product can meet the specified requirements and performance requirements.

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