How to Maintain Copper Handicrafts?

May 16, 2018

Metal handicrafts gifts are widely used at home all over the world. Copper handicrafts gift is one of the popular one. Then how to maintain the copper handicrafts?

1. Kerosene, dentifrice rust removal method: First wipe with cloth kerosene, and then wipe with tooth powder, copper rust can be removed.

2. Vinegar to embroider: green brass rust on the brass utensils, available cloth vinegar, plus appropriate amount of salt or squid bone powder wipe, can be removed.

3. Sea salt rust removal method: If the rust on the copper fixture is severe, the sea salt can be placed in the melted wax. Wiping with this solution can eliminate copper rust.

4. Lemon juice rust removal method: If rust is produced on the brass utensils, wipe it with lemon juice and salt. If you want to make it brighter, use a tin foil wrapped in cigarettes or sawdust plus some salt to wipe it. The effect is very good.

5. Talcum powder, fine wood rust removal method: Use 160g fine wood, 60g talcum powder, 240 can be wheat bran and together, pour about 50 grams of vinegar, mix into a paste, coated in rusty copper On the device, after the wind blows, the copper rust can be removed.

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