How to Put Home Decorations?

Sep 14, 2017

When the house decoration is completed, choose some home decorations to dress up your love home. How to set up the decorations? The following five aspects have to pay attention.

1.decorations specifications

The size, height of the space is the basis to determine the decorations specifications. In general, the size and height of the decoration handicrafts are proportional to the space. 

2. decorations color

The color around decorations is determined by the color of the basis of decoration handicrafts, commonly used methods are two, one is harmony color, the other is match color. The same color place together is a harmonious color, the relatively strong color is the contrast color.

3. furnishings match

The shape of the furniture is the basis for determining the shape of the decorations. Regular match is round with a round, square with square.

4. light combination

The location is the basis to determine the brightness of decorations, We usually placed dark decorations in a good light position, put the bright home crafts in light dark place.

5. space combination

Place the space is the basis for determining the type of home decoration handicrafts, you can put flowers at the table, or put cast iron door knock at the door. 

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