Wall Decoration Handicrafts Appreciation

Oct 24, 2017

Today we would like to share some of our wall decoration handicrafts to you.

The first one is a cast iron horse welcome wall decor.

Cast Iron Horse Welcome Wall Decor

Dimension(cm): 18.6X21.2X1.6


Description:Cast iron horse welcome sign wall deco. for home decoration.

This is cast iron half moon wall decor.

Cast Iron Half Moon Wall Decor

Dimension(cm): 26.5*30*1.5

Description:Cast iron half moon wall deco.for home decoration.

This last one is  a functional one, cast iron european style thermometer.

Cast iron european style thermometer

Dimension(cm): 6.7x5x17.7


Description: Cast iron european style thermometer for home wall decoratioin.

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